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Retirement & Insurance Plans

Understanding everything our plan has to offer

Whether you’re an executive director, a benefits administrator, or both, you play an important role in building a strong future for your organization, its employees, and the Reform Movement as a whole. That's why we’re committed to providing you with easy-to-manage retirement and insurance plans—along with top-quality investment choices—that help your employees achieve their retirement goals.

Making your job easier

Our comprehensive plan offerings mean that your employees can find the resources and benefits they expect. And our accessible and attentive New York-based team is happy to provide assistance when questions do arise.

RPB manages the retirement and insurance plans so you don’t have to.

RPB provides the legal, administrative, and investment management of our retirement and insurance plans at no cost to your organization. We also manage, prepare, and distribute the required year-end tax reporting documents, including 1099-R and W2 tax forms. Reform Movement congregations and organizations are only responsible for making contributions for their RPB participants.

There is no cost for organizations to participate in the RPB retirement plan.

Investment management and administrative fees are part of the fund fees paid by plan participants. Investment management fees vary based on the participant's fund choices—review our Tier 1 and Tier 2 fund offerings for additional details. Fees are expressed as a percentage of a participant’s account balance in basis points.

Easily administer your employees’ retirement and insurance plans through the MyRPB employer portal.

All of the administration is done through the MyRPB portal for employers. This secure website also contains training tools, news and updates, and other important information for employers.

Plan administration overview

MyRPB, the employer portal, allows you to easily administer your employees's retirement and long-term disability (LTD) insurance plans. Within this secure portal, you can: enroll new employees; update or adjust retirement plan and LTD information; execute and review electronic retirement plan and LTD payments; review Rabbi Trust overflow contributions; and more. Additional details are provided below.

Retirement plan

RPB’s enrollment process will help your prospective participants learn more about the retirement and insurance plans. Each new participant will complete their enrollment using RPB’s online enrollment portal, available in June 2019.

Contact us if you or your employees have any questions about enrollment.

Based on an objective evaluation of contribution rates, RPB recommends that employers make an annual pre-tax contribution of at least 15% of the employee’s salary, including parsonage (for clergy). We also recommend that employees make an annual contribution of 3% or more of their salary, including parsonage.

Your employees can use the complementary Salary Reduction Agreement that we provide to let you know how to begin or adjust their elective salary deferrals. RPB accepts both pre-tax and Roth post-tax elective contributions.

You’ll use MyRPB to submit contributions electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Employee contributions must be submitted no later than 15 days following the month they were deducted from the employee’s paycheck. A confirmation of plan contributions will be available on MyRPB after each contribution has been processed.

Employer and employee contributions are subject to annual IRS contribution limits. If employer contributions exceed the annual IRS contribution limit, RPB will automatically place the excess contributions into a Rabbi Trust account in the participant’s name.

Not sure how to use the MyRPB portal?

Review the MyRPB for Employers User Guide to learn more. You can also contact us for help.

Long-term disability insurance

New employees can enroll in LTD within 60 days of their hire date. Otherwise, open enrollment occurs twice each year: in December for the upcoming year, and in July for 6 months of coverage lasting through the end of the year.

During these periods, discuss LTD options with your employee(s) and sign up participants in the MyRPB employer portal.

New employees can enroll in LTD coverage within 60 days of their hire date, regardless of the open enrollment periods. To enroll a new employee, go to MyRPB and click on Manage Plan Participants to add LTD.

If the new hire has already been added to the retirement plan, their name will be listed on the Manage Plan Participants page and available for your selection. Otherwise, you can add the employee from that page before adding their LTD coverage.

During open enrollment periods, log in to MyRPB and click on Manage Plan Participants to add LTD.

If the employee is part of our retirement plan, their name will be listed on the Manage Plan Participants page and available for your selection.

Only employers can pay LTD premiums to RPB. We don’t accept payments from participants.

You can make premium payments online on or before the end of the open enrollment period or within 60 days of a new employee’s hire date.

Requests for a refund of pre-paid premiums after employees have terminated coverage can be made through MyRPB within 60 days of the employee’s termination date.

Interested in socially responsible investing options for your congregation’s assets?

RPB's globally diversified Reform Jewish Values Fund is the only SRI fund created in alignment with our Reform Jewish values.

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