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Account Statements & Transaction History

You can download your account transactions and generate account statements from April 1, 2020 forward.

From the Portal Dashboard:

Click the “View account history/statements” tile on the homepage to see your options to generate an account statement.

Your Statements

You can view your statements on a monthly, quarterly, year-to-date basis. You can also select a specific date or date range to view your account information.

From NetBenefits: If you’re already inNetBenefits, you can click the “Summary” tab and the “Statements” link to access your statements.

Once you’ve selected your statement option, click “Retrieve Statement” to generate a statement that you can print or download.

Your History

Your historical data is from April 1, 2020 forward.

Click the “Transaction History” link to view every transaction recorded in your retirement account, including value changes,contributions, and fees.

Click “Payment History” for a ledger of all withdrawals, loans and any other payments from your account. Click “Tax Information” to download any of the last seven years (dating back to 2020) of tax forms produced by Fidelity.

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