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Full View®

Full View is a convenient way to monitor your financial life, including your and your partner’s investment accounts, retirement accounts at Fidelity and elsewhere, as well as credit cards.

Use this demo to help you set up and link your account information to the Full View® planning tool, which helps you monitor your entire portfolio and get a detailed view of your total net worth. Use our comprehensive planning tools to analyze your complete financial picture, set goals, track spending, and categorize expenses.

NetBenefits Planning and Guidance Center

The NetBenefits Planning and Guidance Center includes a library of planning tools to determine your retirement readiness, as well as how prepared you’ll be to plan for other financial goals.

Get a personalized planning experience to help you set goals. When you first access your account, you’ll be prompted to answer questions about your balance, goals, and contribution rates.

More tools are available in the Planning tab.

Retirement Goal

Click “Retirement Goal” to see your retirement analysis.

Based on your balance and the goals you provide, you can see your Fidelity Retirement Score, which represents the percentage of your average estimated retirement expenses your plan could cover. It will also help you estimate your retirement income vs. your projected monthly expenses.

To change this score, you can answer questions below about your savings, tax rate, asset mix, retirement expenses, retirement time horizon, and more.

Your Investment Strategy

Use this tool to assign your accounts to a goal such as retirement or your own personal goal. Answer questions and NetBenefits will designate a hypothetical portfolio across RPB’s funds that takes into account your risk tolerance, income and assets.

Planning Profile

You can use the Planning Profile tool to provide your compensation, retirement, college or other savings goal to pinpoint your progress toward these goals.

To Do List

The To Do List gives you reminders for tools that will help you build and manage your retirement plan.

Other Resources

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