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What You Need to Know About Your RPB Tax Documents

When you take distributions from your RPB 403(b) or Rabbi Trust accounts, we’ll send you a tax form in January with the amount of your distributions for the previous calendar year.

These forms (a 1099-R for a 403(b) retirement savings account and a W-2 for a Rabbi Trust account) report any money you’ve taken from your RPB retirement accounts that is subject to income tax as well as qualified distributions from Roth 403b contributions that are excluded from your gross income. You’ll always get a tax form if you’ve taken a distribution, regardless of your retirement status.

The forms will come to you from our custodian, Northern Trust, by the end of January, so watch your mailbox, and be sure to contact us if you’ve moved or changed your address. (These tax documents aren’t yet available online.)

Need to change the amount of taxes you’re withholding from your distributions? Give us a call at 212-861-1818 and we’ll update your withholding information.

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